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"Spoken words are the symbols of mental experience and written words are the symbols of spoken words. Just as all men do not have the same speech sounds, so all men do not have the same writing."                                                  Aristotle.

The idea that personality and character can be evaluated from someone's handwriting has always interested and excited people but, more and more, handwriting analysis is being used for personal development and business purposes.

For many years psychologists and counsellors have employed handwriting analysis for personality assessment because of its objectivity and proven reliability.

Many teachers and parents use handwriting analysis not only for the purpose of vocational or career guidance but also to help resolve young peoples' fears and anxieties.

A high percentage of companies now regularly use handwriting analysis as a vital part of their employee recruitment and selection. It is also used for credit control in the assessing of individuals as good or bad credit risks.

George Krot, the founder, is a member of the Direct Analysis Society which operates and provides handwriting analysis services and professional training in nineteen countries and territories throughout the world.