We provide services of all forms of handwriting related examinations. Our clients include large international companies, local government and individuals.

The Science of Handwriting Psychology offers a discrete method of evaluating the character, abilities and compatibility of any writer in many tasks, careers or social situations. Our range of services are designed to meet the needs and budgets of our clients:

A concise report on the important issues and questions concerning our clients.

A more comprehensive report detailing primary and secondary issues, plus consideration of deeper psychological traits and motivations.

A report on the suitability of job applicants for their intended tasks and their potential for success in that role and future training.

Helping you flind the job which suits your talents, abilities and temperament.


All too often young children lack the right words to describe their problems and their difficulties can go unnoticed. Fortunately, their writing, paintings and drawings can speak eloquently to specialists in this form of analysis.